How Aging Drastically Affects a Ladyboys Beauty

In all my experience around Southeast Asia, one thing is quite certain when it comes to ladyboys. Once they reach a certain age, it really starts to affect their appearance, and how “feminine” they appear.

This is one of their great fears.

Fighting The Biological Clock

Although they try their best to keep looking youthful and feminine, fighting the biological clock is like an uphill battle, especially once they get past the age of 30.

The interesting thing is that many of the younger ladyboys can look super feminine. There clear skin, tight firm bodies can almost make it impossible to spot one. They can easily be mistaken for beautiful young women.

There are many reasons for this, but the main factor is that optimal hormonal levels can really mask their true identity. With a little make-up, clothes, and surgeries they can look just as good as their female counterparts. And in most cases, they even look prettier.

Riding High On Their Youthfulness

For many ladyboys, being in their late teens, and early twenties is their peak. They can ride high on their beauty, and can blend in with females. Their youthful appearance gives an expression of femininity that can be hard to fake. But, as they age, this youthful appearance begins to fade. It becomes much harder for them to “keep up” with their female counterparts.

While it may be hard to spot a young ladyboy, it is usually much easier once they reach their mid 30’s. The fading of youthfulness seems to bring the masculine features out even more.

This is also why the young ladyboys are always in demand. They get the most attention in the bars, and ladyboy model shows.

Another interesting thing is that their style tends to chance as they age as well. In their younger years, they really make an emphasize to dress up, and look like girls. When they get older, they tend to tone down their appearance, and even fully give up wearing mini skirts, high heels, etc. Many of the older ladyboys accept this fact, and they dress in unisex attire. This also includes their hairstyles, which typically change as they age.

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