Complete Guide to Ladyboys in Patong-Phuket

Phuket is like a dreamworld, and seeing some of the most beautiful ladyboys on planet earth just adds to the surreal experiences here.

It doesn’t matter how experiences you are, after a few beers it may still seem like a mirage: sometimes you really can’t believe that feminine figure you are looking at is really a man underneath it all.

Many of you guys who are interested in ladyboys in Thailand should seriously consider visiting Patong Beach. Not only does it have the highest concentration of ladyboys in Phuket, but also the most naughty and sexy ones.

Like the “real” ladies, the ladyboys also come to Patong to work somewhere in the tourism industry. Be it in the bars, massage shops, or freelancing in the streets.

Its also very common to find many ladies who come other cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai to work in the tourist industry in Patong.

There is tourist money all over Patong, and the ladyboys would also like a share of it.

In this article we will learn about the different places and ways that you can meet ladyboys in Patong, and more insights about the places they hang out and prices to expect.

Ladyboy Bars & Shows

Before going any further, lets just clarify that Phuket does not have “dedicated” ladyboy girly bars. So the bars I mention here are usually mixed with “real” ladies and some beautiful ladyboys.

If you are interested in fully ladyboy expereince, then you might be interested in the cabaret shows which I write about a bit further down.

The highest concentration of bars with ladyboys in them will be on Walking Street, which is actually called Soi Bangla. It is a 200 m strethch of bars and nightclub.

Turk Tourist Under Investigation Over Death of Patong Ladyboy

Tiger Nightclub

On the main ground floor is a huge complex of small beer bars, with lots of bar girls, and some really hot ladyboys thrown in the mix.

Soi Freedom

A small alley filled with some more girly bars. Some of the establishments have ladyboys working either hostess or dancers

Soi Sea Dragon

Similar to Soi Freedom above, it is a cool area with a few popular go go bars in Patong. Among them are a handful of bars that will have ladyboys working in them.


Quite few of the ladyboys in this city are online. you can view many of the profiles here. Most of them set up a profile to get some exposure to the foreigenrs and tourists who come to the city looking for company, or a relationship. From experience you can find good ones who have normal jobs, or others who are working in the industry and ladyboy bars in Phuket.

Ladyboy Cabaret Shows

These are a more “classical” ladyboy experience in Thailand. They are excellent for beginners and the curious minded to get to see the ladyboys on stage doing some dance shows. These are typically the bars that only have ladyboys in them. Some popular ladyboy caberet shows are:

  • Moulin Rose
  • Simon Cabaret
  • Cocktail & Dreams

Final Thoughts

By now it should be obvious that Phuket is a superb place to holiday in, especially in the Patong Beach area. The main drawing point about this place is the picturesque scenery, and one of the most vibrant nightlife in all of Thailand. Similar to Pattaya, but much nicer in terms of natural beauty.

The great thing here is that there are lots of ladyboys around. In all aspects. There are plenty of them in the bars, and also many normal types that you could meet online or just walking around in the vicinity of the tourist areas.

On the other hand, you also have the ladyboy cabaret shows that are also popular, and a great introductory to this topic. Simply but, the ladyboys in Phuket are sure to grab your attention, just like beautiful natural sceneries.

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