Do Ladyboys Desire A Straight Man

An in interesting thing that I have observed over my years of travel and interaction with ladyboys is their preference for straight guys. Not only for casual encounters or for “business”, but also for relationship and even marriage.

In Their Own Opinion

I used to thing that ladyboys are “gay”. but I quickly learned from countless conversations that ladyboys do not consider themselves as such. In their opinion, they are not gay men. They consider themselves to have same feelings and experience as a “real” woman should — which includes having that right to date and be with a straight male.

They Want to Feel Feminine

Yes, I know for some of you readers this may come as a surprise, as it did for me. But nevertheless that is the reality of the situation for many ladyboys. They wish to feel feminine, and they have hopes of ending up with a straight male who they can meet online, who will see them as a real woman.

Many ladyboys that I spoke with told me that is one of their “dreams”, to end up with a straight man. A man that will love and accept her for who she is — without any judgement.

Straight Men May Feel Uncomfortable

Of course, this has some contradictions to it. because most straight males are straight, and will most likely not want a ladyboy for a long term partner. And to be honest, many straight men will even get angry and aggressive when these types of conversations come up.

The fact still remains that ladyboys are yearning to feel feminine, and a great way to validate that belief is to actually date a straight man. This seems to be one of there ultimate fantasy: to get married to a straight man.

Final Thoughts

These things I also mention here in this post is also a good way to really understand the mindset of a ladyboy. Simply put, they really behave and believe that they are a woman. Not only psychologically, but also in terms of relationships and dating.

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