A Conversation With Aoy: A Thai Ladyboy in Bangkok

When I was in Bangkok in 2019, that’s when I first met Aoy. In those days, she was employed as a waitress in a restaurant located close to Asoke (Sukhumvit Road). After that, we had a little chat about life in general, our families, and what it’s like to be a ladyboy in Thailand.

After Aoy’s shift was over, I proposed that we go have some drinks at the Beer Garden together. I was planning on having a talk with her in the form of an interview, and I wanted to ask her some questions. Here it is:

How Would You Describe Your Experience Working as a Ladyboy in Thailand?

Sometimes it’s really simple, and other times it’s very challenging. My parents understood the circumstance I was in and accepted it, so there were no problems with that. The majority of the challenges have been caused by the struggle to get acceptance from non-natives inside the tourism business. We are not permitted entry into a good number of the venues and clubs. Nevertheless, Thai people are welcoming of me, which is something that I really value.

Q: Have You Ever Dated Someone from Another Country While You Were in Bangkok?

In the past, I had, in fact, dated a few guys from other countries who were living and working in Bangkok.

Q: What did you think of it, by the way?

At first, it was a novel concept. Due to the fact that I had poor English comprehension, communication was difficult. We were able to conduct meaningful interactions by using translation tools. I like dating foreign guys because, in comparison to Thai men, they are not as critical of ladyboys.

Does it mean you have a lot of ladyboy friends?

In Bangkok, Yes. On the other hand, I do not have nearly as many friends in Buriram, where I was born and raised. The societal climate in Bangkok is more accepting to ladyboys than in other cities. Even though I have a lot of friends here, I can’t put my faith in all of them. In many ways, they are analogous to quantities.

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