Complete Guide to Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

Just like the other popular cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai has a great and active ladyboys scene. Although its not on par with Bangkok and Pattaya, it still has much more than most other cities in the country.

Not only are there many of transgenders in this city, but there are also quite a few ladyboys who don’t work in the tourism industry, and would like to get into meaningful relationships with foreigners.

And that is exactly what attracts many “long stay” tourists to Chiang Mai. It gives them a great chance to see the culture of the city, and also potentially meet even more ladyboys in Thailand.

In this article I will give you the full scoop on the ladyboys in Chiang Mai. You will also learn about the ways to meet them, and more information to help you along your search.


Chiang Mai is a great place for the long term traveler, since it has a well balanced lifestyle. It has a small, yet capable nightlife and also many other things to do and see besides partying and drinking. Although its not a beach town like Patong, it has its own authentic Thai charm to please any traveler.

So you got plenty of ladyboys who are just living their lives with normal routines, and not associated with any of the bars that cater to the single male tourists.

At the same time, there are also many hot ladyboys in Chiang Man that are working as bar girls, or independent freelancers.

Here are the best ways to meet ladyboys:

Ladyboy Bars

Generally speaking, you want to be in the Loi Khro Road. This area is really a main nightlife area. It has plenty of bars, restaurants ans cafes, but the main focus here is the many girly bar. These bars will usually have a couple ladyboys working in them, mixed with the normal ladies.

If you prefer to be in the ladyboy only bars, then you have these options:

  • So Nice Bar
  • Friends Corner
  • Shamrock Pub

These are the dedicated ladyboy girly bars. You can easily hang out with, buy them ladydrinks and potentially take them out with you, after paying the bar fine of course.

Chiang Mai ladyboy, friend arrested after Chinese tourist robbed at pier

Ladyboy Cabaret Shows

Your other option is the ladyboy cabaret shows, which are quite entertaining, and more of a traditional Thai ladyboy entertainment. The best venue in this regard is the Chiang Mai Cabaret, the location is also on Loi Khro Road, a bit farther south of the Chiang Mai Entertainment Complex.


  • Drinks: around 90 Baht – 130 Baht for most drinks
  • Lady Drinks: 150 Baht – 170 Baht
  • Bar Fine: 500 Baht

Ladyboy Freelancers

The next great way to meet ladyboys in Chiang Mai is the freelancers. The best places for that are

  1. The nightclubs
  2. Online (this is a great site)
  3. Around the nightlife areas

The nightclubs in Chiang Mai are great, but keep in mind the many of the clubs have bouncers that will not allow ladyboys inside. But don’t worry, there are still a few great nightclubs that will have ladyboys in them:

  • Zoe In Yellow
  • Tawan Daeng
  • Spicy Club

This site also has ladyboy profiles:

Final Thoughts

Chiang Mai is an interesting place. Some guys fall in love with the place, while others think its not as lively as they would like it to be. Well, that may have some truth to it.

The city is not really known for its nightlife, its mostly famous for it cultural aspects. And although there are plenty of bars, restaurants and night clubs, it is not as profound as Pattaya or Patong.

Personally I enjoy the laid back style of Chiang Mai. I also like the fact that the weather is cooler than most places in Thailand.

There are ladyboys here, both online and in the surrounding nightlife areas. Just not as much as the other “party” places in the country. The ladyboys in Chiang Mai are still easy to meet, especially if you head to the places I mentioned here in this article.

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