Complete Guide to Ladyboys in Subic Bay

Although Subic Bay is a small beach town, its still is a decent place to meet ladyboys in the Philippines. It has a small, yet capable, ladyboy scene for you to discover.

The scene in Subic is surely not as profound, as say, Manila or Angeles City, but it has some advantages which I will explain in this article. The purpose of this article is to let you know how you can meet ladyboys in Subic Bay, and the different methods of doing so.

Intro to Subic Bay

Subic Bay is much smaller than some other tourist destinations in the Philippines, and the major nightlife scene is powered by the expats who live here, and own business which cater to the single male travelers who make the stop to Subic.

This city is also a great “side trip” option. It can be an excellent getaway from the busier scenes in Angeles city. Being only 1 hour away by car, many foreigners make the effort to come to Subic, even if its just for a few nights.

Subic has three good things about it:

  1. beach town, with a relaxed atmosphere
  2. more affordable than other popular cities
  3. The girls and ladyboys are not as business oriented as other places

It is exactly these three things which attract tourist here. Of course, in this context, it also has 1 decent bar with ladyboys, who work in the bars along the with the girls, and there are plenty more “normal’ ladyboys who just live and work here, and are open to meeting foreigners for dating or just a chance to know them more.

Here are the best ways to find them in Subic Bay.

Ladyboy Bars in Subic Bay

As of this writing there aren’t any ladyboy only bars. Most of the bars that are in Barrio Baretto have only girls in them. The only bar that is reputed for having ladyboys is the following:

Count Nikolas

If you want to be in a bar and have the opportunity to buy lady drinks and hang out with some attractive ladyboys then you should consider visiting this place. Of course, you should know that it is consider at girly bar, so you have the option to take them out of the bar, after paying the bar fine fee. Check the prices below:

Drinks: 100 Pesos – 150 Pesos for most drinks
Lady Drinks: from 200 Peso – 300 Peso
Bar Fine: 2,000 Pesos

Ladyboys in the Nightclubs

As mentioned before, the scene here in Subic is much smaller than other more populated cities. That being said, you can still expect to see some ladyboys in the nightclubs in Subic.

US Marine who murdered ladyboy returns to the Court of Appeals

Nocturnal Club

Is located in Olongapo, and it is probably the best clubbing experience in all of Subic. You can expect there to be quite a few ladyboys in the mix with the Filipinas. Th

Club V

located near Nocturnal, it is also a reputed nightclub in thr city. The only thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t have many ladyboys most nights. The reason why I mentioned it here is because it is still a viable option, and worth checking out in case if you do find a nice ladyoy. Keep in mind that this is the Philippines, and it is not uncommon to find a ladyboy in the popular nightlife hangouts.

Ladyboys On The Online Dating Sites

Creating an account with one of the popular dating sites is also an excellent ways to meet ladyboys. Not only in Subic, pretty much any city in the Philippines. As you may know from my writings, I really recommend it.

The great thing about the online scene is that there are plenty of good ladyboys that actually want relationships with foreigners.

Keep in mind that Subic Bay is not that popular as a tourist destination, so many of the ladyboys here either end up working at other popular cities such as Manila, Cebu, or Angeles City.

So your best bet to getting access to more ladyboys in Subic is to head online and start chatting with them. And because there aren’t as many foreigners here as other cities, you can really stand out, not only in person, but also online.

Ladyboys in The Streets and Malls

You will usually end up seeing some ladyboys just doing normal daytime activities or hanging out at the malls. Unlike other places like Manila, or Angeles, which have many ladyboy freelancers, the ones you are likely to see doing daytime activities are just normal good ladyboys. The best places to see them in this regard are the following.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from reading this article, Subic Bay does have some great ways to meet ladyoys. The nightlife scene is fairly small, especially when you compare to Angeles and Manila. However, Subic can offer a more relaxed and laid back experience, with a decent amount of bars and clubs to check out.

A bonus thing about this city is that there has been less exposure to foreigners among most of the girls and ladyboys, as compared to other larger tourist cities in the Philippines. The truth is that the ladyboys in Subic Bay can be much more genuine than other places in this country.

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