How to Spot A Ladyboy Easily in 2020

A group of ladyboys sitting outside a bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand. To the untrained eye, it may be difficult to notice them at first glance.

Learning how to spot a ladyboy is one of the “skills” that many guys wish to learn more about.

On one hand we got the group of men who are specifically looking to meet ladyboys. And on the other we got the guys who are trying to avoid them, and they prefer real ladies instead.

So both sides wish to know more on this topic and I wanted to write a complete guide on the best ways to tell if a girl is a ladyboy.

The interesting thing is that in these modern times, it has gotten even harder to identify a ladyboy. Thanks to modern surgeries and other ways to feminize men, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to spot one. That is especially true if the ladyboy is inside a nightclub (due to low lighting) or if “she” is hanging around other real women — which is not that common.

Here are the best ways to spot a ladyboy in 2020:

“The” Ladyboy Voice

Notice how I put quotation marks around the the in the headline. That is because ladyboys tend to have deep voices that they just can’t seem to hide.

Once you become familiar with this method, you can easily tell if she is a ladyboy. They will usually try and speak in a feminine pitch, and will exaggerate their voice. Just keep in mind that there are modern surgeries now to modify the vocal chords to sound like a lady. That is why it is important to also check the other things I mention below, just to be sure.

Size of The hands

Fortunately, as of this writing, there is no surgery that can feminize the hands. So that means that they can’t shorten the length of their fingers. The hand size of males is larger than women. And generally, the length of the fingers is also longer. An easy way to spot ladyboys is simply looking at the size of their hands.


Height by itself is not the best way to identify a ladyboy, since we do see some tall women around. However, height is a great way to CONFIRM is she is a ladyboy, if the other things on this list support that.

A ladyboy will usually try to appear extra feminine. They like to wear high heels. They tend to look taller than the average woman. Imagine something like the runway supermodels that look around 6 feet with heels on. Most ladyboys will be around this height or taller with heels.


A highly overlooked method of noticing a ladyboy is their weight. Many of them want to look slim and “feminine”, and what better way than to be super-skinny. This also helps take attention off their face, and their masculine features.

I have noticed, in my personal observations, the more a ladyboy weighs, the more she tends to look masculine. And I am sure they are well aware of this fact as well. So most of them prefer to have a super-slim figure, almost looking like runway models. There is also a niche group of ladyboys who use drugs or diet supplements to stay slim, with a very low body-fat level.

Who The Ladyboy Hangs Out With

If you want a great way to recognize a ladyboy, simple look at who she is hanging out with. Ladyboys like to hang out with each other, and they usually do not hang out with real women. This is especially true in nightclubs, bars, or other social places.

Just keep in mind that some go go bars, beer bars, massage parlors have ladyboys who work among the real ladies. So in those situations you would simply ask her or the manager who the ladyboys are.

But in most cases, if you see one ladyboy, there is high chances there is another very close by.

Size of Adams Apple

This is used to be one the best ways to spot one in years gone by. You could simply look at the size of the Adam’s Apple and tell if a girl is a ladyboy. The reason is because men have very pronounced Adams Apple, while women typically do not.

However, as many other thing, recent advancements in surgeries have made it possible to reduce the size of the Adam’s Apple bone. So you must be careful, and not simply base your judgement on this anymore. But it is still one of the best ways to spot one in person, especially up close.

Exaggerated Feminine Body Language

When you observe real women, you will notice that they have certain female body language. They may flip there hair, pout their lips, relax their wrists, or have feminine facial expressions.

Ladyboys do these things, but sometimes do it too much. That is why observing this behaviors is also one of the easiest way to spot them. They also tend to walk in a extreme feminine way, making a clear effort to walk in a seductive way. A few times observing this exaggerated body language will make it super easy to recognize them.

Feminized Hips (Surgery)

These days many ladyboys tend to get hip surgery. The procedure gives them curvy hips, and makes them look even more feminine.

But here is the interesting part: sometimes it looks too good to be true. In other words, it looks fake. Most guys with experience can easily spot this feature in ladyboys, especially if they wear tight jeans, skirts, dresses, etc.

This also goes hand in hand with getting surgeries to enhance their buttocks. Keep in mind, women tend to have more curves in that area, since that is where they tend to store fat.

Foot Size

An often overlooked method to recognize a ladyboy is simply by paying attention to the size of their feet. The reason is because males tend to have larger and more robust feet then females. Furthermore, most ladyboys like to wear high heels or sandals. This can make it even more easy for most of us to see those large feet.

Another point about this is that getting foot reduction surgery is currently unheard of. A ladyboy can’t fake the size of her feet.

Shoulder Width

One of my personal “go to” methods of spotting a ladyboy. If your in doubt, always look at the shoulder width. Its been scientifically proven that males have a different shoulder to hip ratio than women do. Males also have wider shoulders, where females have a narrower frame.

Another point is that most ladyboys tend to be very skinny, which makes the shoulders stand out even more. In almost all cases, if her shoulders seem very “manly”, you can be sure that your looking at a ladyboy.

Like the feet, there is no surgery that can reduce the clavicle bone (the bone that determines shoulder width). So it really can’t be faked.

A Ladyboy Will Pursue Agressively

Last but not least, ladyboys tend to be more aggressive than women.

Don’t forget, they still have more testosterone than most women do, since they are genetically a male. And even with the hormone treatments to make them more feminine, they still can show more aggressive nature than females.

It becomes even more apparent if they like you, or seem to be interested in you.

Although by itself is not the best marker to spot a ladyboy, it can really be a great way to confirm it using the other methods I listed in this article.

Final Thoughts

In the post I gave some excellent tips for you to ponder over about. In order to be really sure if that woman is a ladyboy you need to see for yourself how many of these factors come into play.

Keep in mind, some factors hold a lot more weigh then others. For example, a deep voice is a huge indicator — even on its own. As is shoulder width. Once you see this indicators you can then look into other “confirming” factors to be even more certain.

Some other factors such as height, size of hands, and aggressiveness are not as strong indicators on their own. Since there are ladies that are above average height, or will pursue you aggressively if they feel attracted to you. So these factors should be uses as “confirmation” indicators of a ladyboy, and not really on their own.

Here is another example. Lets say you see woman that is aggressive, and has wide shoulders. You can be almost certain that is a ladyboy. So the aggressive behavior may have stirred your curiosity, and the wide shoulders was the “confirming” factor to help you spot the ladyboy.

As I mentioned before, having the skill to quickly recognize one comes with time and lost of experience. There are some guys out there can recognize a ladyboy within a few seconds of meeting them. Then there are also guys who are absolutely clueless, even with many clues right in front of their face.

The more indicators you see, the better. but Keep in mind that certain factors hold more weight then others when it come to spotting a ladyboy these days.

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