What Is The Difference Between A Transgender and Ladyboy?

There has been some confusion about the term (or words) used to identify a ladyboy and transgender. in this post I wanted to clear things up, and give you some information about the correct, and also polite way to address such people.

Generally speaking, Transgender males do not like to be called ladyboys. This is because the very name “boy” implies that they are males. And the “ladyboys” in Thailand and other countries do not appreciate that term.


Because they feel like they are a woman. Also, they prefer to date (or marry) a straight male. So that being said, the term “Ladyboy” is actually not the right way to address them. The appropriate word to use is “Transgender”.

The Word Ladyboy is More Popular

So you may wonder why so many people, still use the word ladyboy. The reason is because it has been used for a long time, and most male tourist are more familiar with that word. Also, because “lady” is part of the word ladyboy, most males like that better.

There are also many Transgender males, who prefer the term ladyboy, as the word lady also implies that they are now a lady. This makes them feel better, and more feminine.

Nobody can tell you exactly which word to use with them. The best practise is to ask them what word they prefer to be used when addressing them. Not only is this the polite thing to do, but it also makes you look respectful and courteous.

From My Experience

Most Ladyboys prefer to be called Transgender, especially in 2023. Even on the dating sites, it is now quite apparent that term transgender is used by many of the girls in their profiles.

That being said, the term ladyboy was also originally used to define a Pre-Op Transgender male. Now when a transgender male gets a gender-change operation, they actually expect to be called a lady, or a woman. They do not like to be called Transgender or Ladyboy.

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