Complete Guide on Ladyboys in Bangkok

The ladyboys of Bangkok are no strangers when it comes to attention, especially in the capital city of Thailand. The 3rd gender, as they call it, can compete with some of the hottest Thai girls you will ever in Bangkok.

And if you happen to be interested in the Ladyboys of Thailand, youd be best to check out the places I will mention further into the article.

Also known as Katoeys, these transvestites are the face of change in the ever growing LGTBQ scenes in Bangkok. And although they may face some discrimination, especially in the legal system (source), the authorities have done a better job as of late to protect the ladyboys rights in Thailand.

Ladyboys Lost In The Legal System

In any case, one thing is for certain, Bangkok has a lot of ladyboys.

Whatever you want to call them, they can be very beautiful, especially once they get the plastic surgeries. Many straight guys may fantasize about them, and quite a few wonder what it would be like to hook up with a ladyboy in Bangkok.

Most of the transvestites in Bangkok prefer to hang out in the Sukhumvit Road area, particularly near the red light districts of Nana, and Soi Cowboy. Check out the American Farang site, an expat blog with lots on the Southeast Asia scene. And if you are interested in them, you should know that there are different ways of seeing them.

Ladyboy Bars

If you want to get your ladyboy bar fix in bangkok then you most likely will want to check out:

Nana Plaza

It by far has the highest number of bars with ladyboys working in them. It being a top tourist location, you can also expect to see some of Bangkok’s hottest ladyboys working here. On a site note, there are also many ladyboy freelancers in this area which I will get to later into the article.

Most of the bars in Nana plaze will have ladies in them, bit there are two bars which are dedicated ladyboy gogo bars. THey are Casanova and Temptations. Both establishments will have a good amount of beautiful go go dancers for you to see.

Soi Cowboy

About 1.5 km further away from Nana Plaza, you can find the Cockatoo bar. It is another bar which will have some hot ladyboy dancers. As with most bars in this Soi Cowboy area, you can expect some attention as you walk by. The girls will be asking you to come in for a drink or two at their bar.

One thing about ladyboys is that they are more aggressive than the bar girls. They will have no problem making it known that they want you, by touching you and trying to pull you in. In any case, the bars are arguably the best way for beginners to gain some experience with ladyboys in Bangkok.

Of course, you have the option to barfine them and take them out with you. Check out the prices below.

  • Drinks: around 150 Baht for most drinks
  • Ladyboy drinks: 150 Baht
  • Bar Fines: 600 Baht

Ladyboy Freelancers

Just like Pattaya and Phuket, the freelancer scene in Bangkok has been growing tremendously the past few years. It is no different with the ladyboys. You now see plenty of them in the streets, and online.

Soi 4

The most popular places to see them in Bangkok streets is the surrounding area of Nana Plaza (soi 4), parts of Sukhumvit.

Nana Plaza is where you can find many just lined up across the entrance to the Plaza. Once you enter Soi 4 from Sukhumvit you will start to see the highest concentration of them. Across the entrance to Nana Plaza is where most of the street action is. You will see many more Thai women and ladyboys hanging out in small groups or individually, about 200 or 300 meters of street for you to explore.

Sukhumvit Road

Its another hotspot to see them. From about Soi 5 going all way the the Asoke area is where you will a large percentage of ladyboys standing around. The Thermae bar is a popular freelancer bar near Soi 13. There will also be a high percentage of ladyboys hanging outside, near that Thermae area.

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As mentioned before, there is a huge amount of ladyboys on the thai dating sites. They have profiles in hopes of meeting some single male foreigners. You can easily chat with them and view their photos, and if you seem interested in them, you can set up dates.

An excellent site for serious ladyboy relationships and marriage is here:

This is now one of the preferred ways to meet ladyboys in Thailand. A great thing seems to be that the girls feel more comfortable online as opposed to always being out and about. They can easily view the single from their smartphone and chat with them. Maybe that is why the online scene has really picked in this city.

Final Thoughts

My closing remarks about Bangkok is quite simple. This capital city really packs a one-two punch. You can enjoy the big city thrill and nightlife, along with lots of ladyboys around.

But it is not all perfect with this city either. This is an expensive city. Prices for hotels, drinks, including lady drinks are some of the highest in all of Thailand. That being said, it can be expected to pay more in the capital city of any country.

But the most important thing is that the ladyboys in Bangkok are some of the most attractive you will see not only in Thailand, but possibly the entire world. If that is not a reason to be here then I don’t know what is.

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