Complete Guide To Ladyboys in Manila

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, and it also has the most amount of ladyboys.

It arguably has the highest number of places that bars and nightclubs that you could find transgenders in. Furthermore, Manila is just a few hours away to Angeles City which is also highly recommended to visit.

I will first give you a short briefing on the ladyboy scene in the city, then followed with main article that will point out the best places to see them.

Intro to Manila

This capital city really packs a punch when it comes to the Philippines Ladyboys nightlife experience.

For most foreign guys that visit the place, they are interested in the hot Filipina girls that are all over the place, specifically in the girly bars, nightclubs and online scene. But, there are also many other foreigners who come to Manila for the ladyboys. Most of them who are interested in foreigners tend to hand around the popular tourist hotspots such as:

  • Makati – Mostly around P. Burgos Street
  • Ermita – LA Cafe Area
  • Malate – Andriatico and Del Pilla Streets

Those places I mentioned above are the best nightlife areas, with most of the girly bars, nighctlubs, KTVs, massage shops etc.

Ladyboy Bars

Unlike some other locations in Asia, Manila does not have any dedicted ladyboy bars. The places I will mention here will have mostly girls, but you can always expect to see a few ladyboys to your liking at these places:

LA Cafe

LA cafe the sports bars that is a very popular freelancer hang out spot in Manila. The great thing is that the bar is open 24 hours, and they allow ladyboys inside. Although the majority of the freelancers at this bar are girls, you will still find a handful of ladyboy freelancers on any given night.

LA Cafe is always a good place to have a beer, gather your thoughts, watch some sports on TV, and potentially meet a freelancer. Keep in mind, there is no bar fine here or lady drink costs here. You pay for your own drinks, and if you like you can buy an ladyboy a drink, which will be at regular prices.

High Heels

This popular go go bar is known to employ a few ladyboys. They work alongside the the normal Filipina bar girls. Just keep in mind that most of the dancers are girls, but you can usually expect to find a few transgenders that might be of interest to you.

Generally speaking, the drink prices at these bars are the highest, including the lady drinks. And of course, there is also a bar fine fee for taking them out. The location is in Makati, on P. Burgos Street, which is also has many freelancer ladyboys hanging around during the evening hours. Read more for that below.

Ladyboy’s German beau faces charges

Freelancer Ladyboys

Generally speaking, the ladyboy freelancers are abundant in Manila. The best areas to find them are where most of the male tourist tend to to go, which is in the Makati, Malate, and Ermita nightlife areas.

In the Makait area they will be scattered around the P. Burgos area, offering in-room massages to the foreigners walking around.

You can also expect to see a few ladyboys in the Greenbelt 3 terraces, specifically at the coffee shops or restaurants, such as Havana cafe. Just like the Filipinas, they come to the malls to hangout with a friend or two, while having some coffee or drinks.

In the Malate area you can usually find ladyboys around the streets with the KTV bars, which is known to be on Del Pillar and Andriatico Streets. Keep in mind that currently there are not dedicated Ladyboy KTV bars in Manila. Another place is near the entrance of Robinson Mall, where it is known to be a popular Filipina freelancer hangout in Manila.


Manila is the best city in all of the Philippines to find ladyboys online. The main reason is the huge population, but also the fact that online dating is so popular in this city. The great thing is that you can find freelancers and normal ladyboys that may want to pursue a real dating experience with a foreigner. Even in the remote places such as Subic Bay it can come in handy to have an online dating account.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, we can all agree that Manila is the place to be if you want see the most ladyboys in the Philippines. The nightlife is amazing, with many things to do and see. Just keep in mind that there are currently no full time shemale bars in Manila. However, you can still see them all over during the evening in the tourist nightlife areas.

In my own opinion, this city is also amazing for the total amount of ladyboys that are online. But, things are not all perfect with Manila. The main complaint from most guys is the traffic, and the overall feeling of congestion and pollution.

The prices are also another factor, as it can get expensive in this city, especially in Makati. The bottom line is that it can’t be argued that the ladyboys in Manila can be the most attractive, and also the most abundant than all other cities in the Philippines.

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