Complete Guide to Ladyboys in Pattaya

The ladyboys in Pattaya make up the highest concentration of Thai ladyboys in the country. Yes, even possibly on par with Bangkok.

Just like the most of the girls in Phuket, they come to this beach town in hopes of finding some role in the huge tourism industry.

Simply put, Pattaya has LOTS of ladyboys, especially in the areas I will mention below.

If you have already been in this city, then you may already know how common they are. Even something as simple as walking on beach road in the evenings will give you a good idea of what to expect. Pattaya is similar to Patong, as both places have that beach-town vibe going on. However, Patong is much smaller, and has a nicer beach.

These are places you can meet ladyboys:

Ladyboy Go Go Bars

The go go bars in Pattaya are an excellent way to meet some of the hottest ladyboys in this city. These places usually employ the best looking girls, so you the standards are somewhat better than the beer bars. The great thing is that Pattaya has a few areas dedicated for this purposes. Here are some places for checking out:

Soi 13/1

You have a few options here in Stringfellows and La Bamba. Both establishments have a fair number of ladyboys in them for you to see.

Soi 13/4

located just a bit further down from Soi 13/1, there are a couple really good go go bars in Kitten Club and Obsessions. Both places have some of the hottest and youngest ladyboys in town.

Soi Buakhoa

Soi Buakhoa is always a great place to head to some ladyboy bars in Pattaya. It is really hard to say which places are the best. Baby boom bar has some pretty ladyboys to keep you company at any given time. Explore the Buakhao area to see what you can find. Here are the prices to expect for the ladyboy go go bars in Pattaya:

  • Drinks: 90 baht to 110 baht for most drinks
  • Ladyboy Drinks: around 150 Baht
  • Barfine: from 500 Baht t0 800 Baht

Ladyboy Beer Bars

Walking Street

Walking Street has lots of ladyboys. From the freelancers that roam the streets, to the ladyboys that work in the bars. A good place to see them wold be in the Soi BJ area. Some popular places:

  • Lita Bar
  • Linda Bar
  • Nam Bar
  • Layla Bar

Soi 6/1

You have a few options when it comes to finding pure ladyboy bars in Pattaya, and the first place for that is Soi 6/1. This alley is parallel to the infamous Soi 6, which is a street full of beer bars with thai girls working in them. On Soi 6/1 the scene is a bit different. You will only see ladyboys there. Take a stroll there and it will be a scene you may never forget.

Soi Buakhow is also a great are for finding some ladyboy bars. The central place to be in this regard is the LK Metro area. Some popular bars in this area for ladyboys are Duanjai, Nidcha Bar, and the Fantasy Lounge.

You can explore the Soi Buahkoa area even more, there is also another bar called the Corona Bar, which is on Soi 13/2

  • Drink Prices: 90 – 100 Baht for beers
  • Ladyboy Drinks: around 150 Baht most places
  • Barfines: 500 baht to 700 Baht


Finding ladyboy freelancers in Pattaya is really quite simple, as there are most than 1 way to meet them. There are basically two legit ways to meet them:

1.Street Ladyboys

These are the independant ladyboys who roam around in the popular locations where single male tourist go. In Pattaya there are 3 hangouts:

Beach Road: During the evening you will find plenty of them, on the Beach promenade. Starting mostly from Soi 10, and going all the way towards the entrance of Walking Street is where you can find ladyboys. They will be either standing alone, or in small groups, chatting with their friends or playing on their phone. The main purpose is that they are waiting for potential customers who might be interested in them. Although it is safe, just be aware that some issues can and do happen.

45 Ladyboys Arrested on Pattaya Beach

Walikng Street: As always, Walking Street is always in the conversation when it comes to ladyboys in Pattaya. Here you will find many freelancers just walking about, either meeting their friends for some drinks, or going to a bar to meet a foreigner.Right in the middle of Walking Street is excellent for this, as there is also the Marine Disco, which allows ladyboys. Almost all the other nightclubs do not allow them in.

Soi Buakhao: This popular expat area is also a wonderful place to find freelancing ladyboys. Keep a lookout in the LK Metro area for the highest concentration. In the evenings, especially after midnight and into early morning is when they can be spotted.

2.Ladyboys Online

The online dating scene in Pattaya is really great, especially as it related to freelancers. There are lots of ladyboys who set up accounts on the sites to meet foreigners. The great thing is that you can meet different types of ladyboys online. There are basically 3 types:

  1. The pros, who are freelancing for customers
  2. The semi-pros who are freelancing on the side, but have normal day jobs
  3. Just normal ladyboys who are looking for serious relationship with foreign men

ThaiFriendly has ladyboys online that want to date foreigners:

Final Thoughts

Wow, were to begin. I mean Pattaya is really in a class of its own when it comes to naughty fun times in Thailand. This city is the place to be if you want it all.

It has a beach, and although it may not be spotless clean, it still ads to ambience of the place.

Prices are decent, as long as you don’t go over-board at the expensive go go bars on Walking Street. There are plenty of good deals on hotels, and the food is also relatively cheap. I would say the pricing here is somewhere between Chiang Mai and Phuket. And of course, the ladyboys in Pattaya are abundant, and man of them are attractive.

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