Complete Guide to Ladyboys in Angeles City

It would be hard to write about the ladyboys in Angeles City, Philippines, and not get excited. This city has lots of ladyboys, and also quite a few ways to meet them.

In this article you will know more about the transgender scene in Angeles, and the best ways to meet them.

But before I get into the details, I will give you a heads up on the city itself. You will know what to expect whenever you are in town, and also understand why so many of the hot ladyboys in the Philippines come to this city.

Intro to Angeles City

This place is famous, especially with men who travel to the Philippines. The tourism scene is centered around the bars and nightlife in Angeles city, specifically the Fields Avenue area, and surrounding streets. Most of the establishments here are girly bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and guest friendly hotels (read more) — and a generous amount of beautiful ladyboys.

So the great thing about this is that most guys feel very comfortable in their pursuits of not only bar girls, but also Filipina ladyboys. Most of Angeles City’s tourists are foreign male tourists who are looking for similar things. Furthermore, most of the hotels and nightlife scenes are located near each other, unlike Manila or larger cities that may require you to travel from place to place in order to experience the entire city.

The ladyboys from all over Philippines come here to make some money off the tourism industry, or to potentially meet some foreign men for dating and serious relationships. There are also many ladyboys who work as freelancers online or in the nightclubs, also trying to make a living from the foreign money that comes pouring in year after year.

As of late, quite a few curious men are wondering more about these transgendered in Angeles City, and the different methods of hooking up with them. Read more to find out how.

Ladyboys In The Street & Freelancers

I will mention this first since it is one of the most obvious and easiest ways to see ladyboys in this town. The best place to find street ladyboys would be in the areas of Walking Street, especially around the area of Phillies Sports Bar.

If you are in this area, especially in the evenings, then it won’t be long until you encounter a cute ladyboy who is trying to attention as you walk by.

Another area would be in front of the Kokomos bar, which is located around the middle of Walking Street. You can usually see a few shemales hanging outside the bar. They sometimes try to grab the attention of the male bar patrons sitting in outdoor patio area of the bar.

Ladyboys in Nightclubs

If you are interesting in going to a nightclub which has ladyboys inside, then Hi Society is possibly your best option.

HI-So, as they call it, is a famous nightclub, not only because it is located right on Walking Street, but also because it attracts lots of Filipina bar girls and freelancers. The bar girls usually head there after there shift or on their days off, and the freelancers roam around as they please.

You will always find some ladyboys in Hi Society, and many of them are quite attractive.

Final Thoughts

So far in this guide we learned about Angeles City, the types of ladyboys you can expect to meet, and also the various methods to do so. I wanted to give some final comments about it all, and my personal opinion about the place.

In all fairness, this city might be the best in all of Philippines for men. The prices are very reasonable, there are many bars, a few decent nightclubs. It is also near Subic Bay, so you can always do a side trip whenever your in AC.

The main complaint from most guys is that daytime activities are lacking, and the city does not have much else to see besides the nightlife and bar hopping. Well, the truth is that some guys like it, and others prefer a big city experience like Manila. Whatever your preference is, just know that the ladyboys in Angeles City are plentiful and you will have a great opportunity to meet them easily here.

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