Ladyboy Beauties, and Cabaret Shows

Despite having seen countless of ladyboys, I am still intrigued by them. These gorgeous girls are more elegant than I ever can be. With their swinging hips, flawless cherry pouts, bedroom eyes, they prowl the streets at night. And this can be seen around Soi Buakhao at night in Pattaya, where countless beauties can be seen.

The First Ladyboy I Met in Bangkok

That being said, I vividly recall the first one I encountered in Bangkok, around the Nana Plaza entertainment district.

She was stunning. She had flawlessly straight black hair, without a doubt beautiful. She had mesmerizing makeup on, including a face that I can never seem to forget. 

Her curves were embraced by a tight black dress, and she proudly strutted on high heels.

Ladyboys Around South East Asia

Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, not all ladyboys are prostitutes attempting to deceive travellers. They are frequently seen in Thailand and other southeast Asian nations. In the Philippines they are also called Baklas, and some of them are absolutely gorgeous. However, in Thailand these transgender girls are frequently seen working in beauty parlours, and also in the ladyboy cabaret shows.

The Cabaret Shows

Even though ladyboy performances are common in Thailand’s big towns, I hadn’t attended one until I went to Pattaya. I’d always wanted to attend a ladyboy show, and from what I’d heard from people I met along the route, Chiang Mai’s was among the finest in the nation. Since so many others lived nearby at the time, it can’t take much persuasion to gather a bunch together for a night out.

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