Does it Mean Your Gay If You Like Ladyboys?

You know, sooner or later this topic would have surely come up. A big question many wonder, and bring up in arguments is that whether or not a man has to be gay in order to hook up with ladyboys.

In this article I wanted to further explore this question, and also bring up some valid points from both sides of the argument.

Many Straight Men Are Quick to Judge

They judge other men who hook up with ladyboys. They say that, if you are willing to sleep with a ladyboy, it automatically makes you a homosexual, or at minimum bi-sexual. And in all honestly, it does have a good point. Since a ladyboy is really a biological man underneath all that make up, surgery, and feminine clothing.

A Ladyboy Is Internally a Woman

BUT, here is the main thing that those group of straight men fail to see. A ladyboy is internally not a man anymore. She is stuck in mans body, and really believes that she is a woman on the inside. Even many ladyboys will not date another gay man. They specifically want to date straight men, since they feel like a woman on the inside.

Another interesting thing is that I have personally known many straight men, who have had hook ups with ladyboys. While it is true that many of those encounters where a result of the being intoxicated by the alcohol, they still knew very well that they are doing it with a ladyboy.

It can’t be argue that many Asian ladyboys are super attractive, with feminine figures and facial features. And once they get surgeries, and dress up in high heels and slim fitting clothing, it can be quite difficult to turn them down. In all honesty, many of them are actually hotter than the real women you see in Southeast Asia. Spotting the differences is sometimes very hard.


Personally, I am not one to judge anyone on their sexual preference. And in this age in 2020 we can see that cultural taboos are quick to breakdown and be accepted among people. Is a man who gets with a ladyboy gay or bi? could be, but doesn’t always have to be. Sites like myladyboydate do cause lots of curiosity with men.

What if the the ladyboy is post-operation?

These are some things that you can ponder on and come up with your own conclusions. In any case, we can all admit that these questions.

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